Posted on Sep 19, 2018

Eminent Academic Projects Final Year MTech BTech CSE IT Android ECE EEE Mechanical | Product or PoC/Prototype Development

A list of research-based, final year, major, minor projects/ideas based on Java (Core/Advanced) platform for Computer Science/Information Technology engineering:

1) Smart requirements gatherer and intelligent analyzer
2) Networked PC access, monitoring & controlling
3) Data transfer over LAN with rollback checkpoints
4) Simulation of business banking processes
5) Reconciling lost articles in post office
6) Attendance automation with email notifications
7) Airlines reservation/management system
8) Hotel management/automation system
9) Software lab management/automation system
10) Library management/automation system
11) Data security and authentication using pen drive
12) Automated course/program training tool
13) Dynamic text-search in custom files/folders
14) XML parser tool
15) Simulation of Apriori algorithm for data mining...
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